Factory Cabinets…

Factory Cabinets Crossville TNAre made in standard sizes and come with many chooseable options. Factory cabinets are ordered and as you might expect, these are produced in a factory setting.

Factory Cabinets vs Custom Cabinets

Factory cabinets are not of lesser quality when compared to custom cabinets.

Both types come in various qualities. It depends on the builder and/or the manufacture you order from. Almost everyone has seen “custom cabinets” that were built cheap. How cabinets are built matters for the durability and longevity of the room your installing cabinets in.

Factory Cabinet Advantage

It’s hard for custom cabinet builders to match the use of a heat cured catalyzed varnish. This requires a controlled factory setting. These durable top coats over the stain or enamel can help protect the cabinets from the wear and tear of busy families.

Semi-Custom Cabinets.

These are cabinets that are made in a factory, and the manufacturer allows for modification of the standard catalog sizes, drawing of custom features, and even creating unique stains and finishes. This method allows you to match or modify existing cabinets. This is especially true if you have a floor plan layout that is complex. You can buy factory cabinets and add a one of a kind style, replicate a classic design, or set the room off with a rare wood or unique finish.

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factory cabinets


In general, customization adds to the cost of cabinets. However, it is only one variable that impacts cost. Others are the wood species for the doors, the type of finish, the quality of the cabinet box, the type of drawer glides and hinges, and other factors. We have ordered kitchen cabinets for $1000 and for $10,000, or more.

Because cabinetry is a large component of most renovation budgets it is often an area where lower priced contractors try to cut costs. At Holmans Cabinets we explore and educate our clients about cabinet options in order to ensure you receive the quality and features that you desire and that are appropriate for your project and budget.

We offer several lines of Manufactured Cabinets to meet your design and price needs