About Us

Holmans Cabinets was founded in1981 by Randy Holman. Though Randy was a middle school drop out from the early age of 13, he had excelled in the building trades for several years. He was an extremely hard worker who had worked in every area of the trades from concrete, building homes, installing factory cabinets and had previously been a partner in another custom cabinet shop.

In 81, Randy had built a small equipment shed for the tree nursery business he had. After separating from his cabinet partner and not knowing what to do for two weeks-he decided to turn the nursery shed into a cabinet shop. And there in that small “gravel floored” shed began what exists today.

For years Randy only built custom cabinets. He measured, designed, and built every aspect of the cabinets. Starting from the “yellow scratch pad” that he wrote on, he created some of the most beautiful kitchens you’ve ever seen. Over the years clients learned to know the trusted name of Holmans Cabinets. Randy never one time used advertising to build his company. His honest approach to business made Holmans cabinets a trusted name for cabinets in the Sparta / Cookeville / Crossville areas. One client would recommend HCC’s to another and so forth. As well as many contractors who became close friends over the years of business.

Holmans Cabinets was mostly a family run business with Randy’s brother in law, John working close by his side with him, as well as an Uncle and several others who often took part in the business. I can’t forget to mention Maya who has been at HCC for almost 20 years and counting. As years passed, Nick, Randy’s oldest son had grown up in the business but had very little desire to build cabinets. Nick grew up sweeping, sanding door panels, and running parts in the shop. While hating college in 2001 Nick made the decision to come back and join his Dad at the cabinet shop. That year they expanded their small shop to more than doubling its size of shop space and adding a showroom. For years there was not a showroom at Holmans cabinets, (nor even a bathroom).

With the new help, Randy decided to purchase some new equipment including a 34’ long double 5’x12’ table CNC router. Things were moving fast as Nick began to train and learn the router, it seemed like it would take forever to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I say that because for the first 6 weeks Nick would bring material in, cut it up on the router, and then haul it out to the burning pile because it was wrong. Randy got nervous and worried if he had made the right decision. But soon the learning curve was over and work started to roll in and the production was in full swing.

Very thankful that in three and half years the Lord allowed Randy and Nick to pay off all the debt from the equipment and building additions. Times were good for several years and in late 2007 and early 2008 work had dropped to absolutely nothing.

At this time Randy was good and his bills were paid but Nick had married in late 2005, and by 2007 had 2 children and a new house payment, times were rough. No cabinets were coming in but bills continued to come. Nick would take odd jobs like pressure washing, plumbing, or electrical things, as well as a small cabinet job here and there. Soon time brought more work in as the economy began to stabilize.

Nick had a new and different vision for the cabinet business. Many of the old shops were stuck in their same mentality and mindset to listen to their clients and what they wanted. Nick began to look at what was available and attend more industry related shows and training. Soon he took on some factory brands of cabinets and to offer many more options than was available before. This opened the door up for different price points of cabinets to meet the needs of clients.
HCC’S began to grow a new group of clientele. New contractors began to come in and Holmans Cabinets began to grow once again as years before. The new problem was finding faithful help, but, in July 2015 Randy’s middle son (12 years younger than Nick) also saw the opportunity of the cabinet business and decided to join the team as the official installer of Holmans Cabinets.

While all this was taking place, Austin, Randy’s youngest son was there learning the wood working part of the business while attending college for a wildlife and fishery science degree. Austin actually has become the best woodworker out of all the Holmans. Building custom curved cabinets, veneering pieces, custom anything, evan a custom pair of walnut buryl sunglasses!!! The boy can build anything!

Though Austin left us a little while pursuing his job as a park ranger, he is back at HCC!

Holmans Cabinets has three full time installers who professionally install every day of the week. Trent, Stephen and Jordan.
In the shop Austin,Maya and Doug faithfully produce with care the kitchens that have been making clients happy for years.
Nick does the day to day business as well as the field measurements, CAD design and making clients dream kitchens come to fruition.

Though Randy is still alive, he does not take part (much) in the day to day activities of HCC’s. He will run and help if he is needed or once in a while help on an install. He is very humbled and excited to have his three sons working together in the business he founded so many years ago.

Today Holmans Cabinets is a full-service cabinet shop.

  • From complete high-end custom cabinetry whether its inset doors, curves, veneers, etc.
  • Full overlay
  • Standard overlay
  • Entertainment centers and bookcases
  • Desks
  • Pantries
  • Spec homes
  • Factory cabinets
  • Contractors cabinets
  • Small services as just one vanity or one cabinet.


Today Holmans Cabinets represent some of the biggest names in the industry.

  • Custom cabinets by Holmans Cabinets
  • Cabinotch
  • Masterbrand cabinetry
  • Diamond Cabinets
  • Mantra Cabinets
  • Vision Cabinets
  • US Cabinet Depot
  • And many others

If we can assist you with your next project please don’t hesitate to call us today!