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We can design your dream outdoor living experience! Outdoor Kitchens Nashville TN | Holmans Cabinets is now offering outdoor kitchens that are durable long lasting cabinets that will create years or memories with your friends and family.

Our Outdoor Kitchens Nashville TN services create amazing outdoor areas that are a wonderful place to spend quality family time, are aesthetically pleasing and add great value to your home. Bring the comforts of your home outside and enjoy the beauty of nature with a new outdoor living kitchen area.


Do you design the outdoor kitchen?

Holmans cabinets will design and help you with the layout of your new outdoor living space.


Where are your products made?

Our Stoll Industries outdoor living Kitchens and amenities are all proudly built in the USA. Abbeville, SC to be exact.

Our Naturekast weatherproof outdoor cabinetry is made in Canada.


What options do you have for outdoor kitchens Nashville TN?

We have many outdoor kitchens Nashville TN options and brands. We carry several brands to meet your color, quality and price point needs. Check out one of our brands to see what all we offer in the line of islands, kitchens, hoods, fireplaces, mantels and shelves all to make your outdoor experience memorable.

See our Outdoor Living Options here – https://www.stollindustries.com/outdoor-living-products/


What is the Lead time to get my outdoor living area completed?

Based on the current work load lead times can change but normally on outdoor kitchens it is 8-9 weeks.


Are the cabinets customizable?

Yes to some extent. There aren’t as many custom options as an indoor kitchen but we should be able to accommodate most ideas and designs that you would desire. We offer Contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles.


What are your cabinets constructed?

We try to be able to cover all the bases to offer the options that most clients would desire in an outdoor kitchen. With that said we offer both, Metal,Stainless, aluminum and high density polyurethane cabinetry and pvc sheeting from a polymer that is not affected by the elements.


What outdoor living appliances do you sell or can be included in our outdoor kitchens Nashville TN space?

There are numerous options including: Grills and burner bases, flat grills, ceramic, grills, and hoods that will add to your outdoor experience.


Do you carry cabinets to enclose a tv outdoors with the living area cabinets?

Yes we have a range of tv cabinets available with bifold or sliding doors.


Will chlorine damage my cabinetry?

Chlorine releases a powerful gas, which could bleach the finish of our cabinetry. Stainless steel is also prone to corrode in an environment with airborne chlorine gasses. Extra care of the cabinetry and hardware will be required in chlorinated environments.


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What are my options for countertops in outdoor kitchens?

We offer several options for countertops in outdoor kitchens Nashville TN. We can do several types of stone tops such as a granite or quartz top as well as aluminum and we offer custom wood tops like a teak butcher block.


Do you offer fire pits?

Yes, Holmans Cabinets offer fire pits, fire tables and several sizes and custom options. Please call us for your personal design today. We also offer pit wind shields to protect your fire from the wind for the standard sized pits. Along with the pits we have burner lids to protect the burners from the elements.


What type of fuels are available for your firepits?

Of course we offer just the simple pit for firewood as weel as propane gas pits with conversion kits for natural gas.


How do I clean my outdoor kitchen?

Our Naturekast cabinets are among the very best when it come tom requiring little maintenance. Your cabinets can be sprayed down with a garden hose (please do not use a pressure washer) and dried with a soft cloth to get your cabinetry looking like new. For greasy marks, you can use a mild liquid dish soap with lots of water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning materials.


Does the hardware need any special care?

Our plush soft-close hinges and drawer slides are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel to help prevent rust. Stainless Steel does require some maintenance – particularly in oceanfront settings to prevent corrosion. We recommend applying a rust inhibitor (like BullFrog 93692) or a Krylon spray or a Silicon spray (like WD-40) annually. This should be applied more often in coastal environments. Clean only with mild alkaline cleaners and a soft cloth. This is especially important if cabinetry is near a chlorinated pool.


Are there any insect problems with outdoor cabinetry?

Bugs and termites will not eat the material thus the cabinetry is safe from being destroyed by any unwanted visitors.


Are the cabinets waterproof?

Yes the cabinet itself is completely waterproof. The cabinets are not watertight and there are small gaps between doors and drawer fronts. The hinges will need some maintenance but requires very little time.


What if I want to order my cabinets and install them myself?

Yes, that is no problem. There will be a few specific details we will want to go over to make sure you get what you need to make your self-installation go as smoothly as possible.


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Outdoor Living Buying Guide


What appliances do you want?

Yes, a grill is essential but there are many more options that you may want to consider. Refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens, storage drawers, bars, burners, and dome grills. These must all be high quality yo withstand the elements and outdoor rated.


Should I choose a stock build or custom?

There is no limit with custom to what you can do but i think you would be surprised of what you can design today with stock options. OF course you want to consider the cost between the two options.


Where will you install your outdoor living area?

Is there enough space to accommodate what you want as well as enough space to not create any fire hazards in or around your home? You cannot install in an enclosed patio or a covered patio without a grill vent hood.


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How do you handle the installation and delivery of your cabinets?

Should you purchase and install yourself or have a professional install them? You will want to consider any electrical or gas supplies that may be needed for the appliances. Also consider the BTU’s needed to supply your appliance.


What is the maintenance required?

Based on the type of outdoor kitchens Nashville TN cabinetry you have, the maintenance can vary. You will always want to cover your grill when cool and not in use and some areas may require you to winterize your appliances and turn off your gas supply in the winter months as well as some refrigerators may need to be placed into your garage in the colder months.


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