Holmans Custom Cabinetry kitchen cabinets knoxville tn is the highest rated most reviewed custom cabinetry in Tennessee! They were founded in 1981 and have been a family owned and operated business for the past 40 years. With 100% satisfaction rate guarantee, HCC is the no-brainer custom cabinetry to choose! But there is a 100% satisfaction rate guarantee they can promise that if whatever reason you’re unhappy with your services, they can discount your invoice or fix it until you say it’s right.

Why should I call a professional for kitchen cabinets knoxville tn? You should call a professional for any custom cabinetry services because you want to ensure quality. Yeah, anybody can get on YouTube and watch the video but wouldn’t you want the ease of my knowing that it’s going to be done exactly how you asked and done properly? I know I wouldn’t wanna have to worry about getting my hands and feet dirty if it’s going to cost the same as it would to hire a professional. When it comes to your home, I personally don’t recommend doing any cheap outs, if you want it done right I would call HCC.

What are some frequently asked questions for kitchen cabinets knoxville tn? Some frequently asked questions include… Do you have any type of warranty? Do you do a free estimate? What material do you use? What options do you have for your finishes? What is the difference between custom cabinets and factory cabinets? Do you have a minimum order requirement? Do you have a showroom where we can look at your work? Do you sell and install countertops? Do you reface cabinet doors and drawer fronts? What are your hours of operation? Can I use my own painter to finish the cabinet? Do you finish cabinets? How long does a process take? Will you mark out the plumbing and electrical locations for appliances and sinks? Do you work with my client?

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4 PM. It is always our recommendation to schedule an appointment because we are often unavailable assisting other clients. We are available to meet you at any other time other than on Sundays. We always recommend bringing your own designs to make the design process more helpful. We also have many ideas from previous jobs that you can use as inspiration.

Visit us online at https://holmanscabinets.com/ where you can view our services in detail, check out our products, look at previously done projects we’ve done for previous clients, check out, testimonials from previous clients, see all of our contact information and more! You can find us on Facebook and YouTube. At HCC we offer $50 restaurant gift cards to our first time bookers. If you book with us, we offer free 3-D rendering services that will be included and a free design consultation. Both of these are a $200 value each that we will be given to 100% free. Call us today at 9319358994 to find out why we are the highest rated and most reviewed custom cabinetry in Tennessee!

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Holmans Custom Cabinets kitchen cabinets knoxville tn was founded by Randy Holman in 1981. This family ran and operated business has been making peoples cabinetry dreams come true for the past 40 years. We have a 100% satisfaction rate, guarantee that puts us aside from all other cabinetry shops. If, for whatever reason you are unhappy with your services, we can provide an invoice discount, or fix it until you see, right.

How does kitchen cabinets Knoxville solve a kitchen cabinets knoxville tn problem? Holman Custom Cabinetry solves the problem by getting with the customer first and figuring out what was wrong and from there we will be able to address and fix the problem. At HCC we strive for greatness and excellence so we will not stop until your problem is fixed and you are satisfied with your services. Our customer service is a quality guarantee that we pride ourselves on. All of our businesses come from word of mouth so we strive to make sure our reputation is excellent.

How much does kitchen cabinets Knoxville tn services cost? The cost of Holmans Custom Cabinetry all depends on the size of your project. We can do projects from just a single vanity door to the entire kitchen. No project is too big or too small for us. Once we are in a consultation, we will be able to give you your quote that covers everything including installation. From there will be able to determine how long your project is going to take. It could be anywhere from two weeks, to 46 weeks it all depends on the project given.

At Holmans Custom Cabinets we would like to offer a free 3-D rendering included with your services as well as a free design consultation. Both of the services are valued at $200 each and will be 100% free when booking. With your first time booking with us, you will receive a $50 restaurant gift card. We have 40 years of experience and 100% satisfaction rate guaranteed to promise that you won’t find any other custom cabinetry shop as great as ours. We strive for greatness and excellence and quality service assurance. At HCC we are here for you.

You can visit us online at https://holmanscabinets.com/ to find all of our contact info, to view our clients testimonials, to see the gallery of previous projects. We’ve done in the past, to see all of her contact info, to worry about us, to see all the services we offer, give you all of our products, to find this on Facebook, or on YouTube. We strive and make sure that our customers have the excellence of greatness that they deserve. Call us today 9319358994 to find out why we are the highest rated most reviewed cabinetry shop in Tennessee. With your first time booking with us, you get a $50 restaurant gift card, free 3-D, rendering included with your service, plus a free design consultation. With 100% satisfaction rate guarantee you don’t wanna miss out on this.