Holman’s Nashville Custom Cabinets was founded in 1981 by Randy Holman. Even though Randy is a middle school dropout from the early age of 13, he has excelled in the building trades for several years. He was an extremely hard worker who had worked in every area of the trade from concrete, building homes, installing factory comments, and previously been a partner and other custom cabinet shops. In 1981, Randy had built a small equipment shed for the tree nursery business he had. After separating his cabinet partner and not knowing what to do for two weeks, he decided to turn the nursery said into a cabinet shop. And there in the small gravel floor shed, began what exists today.

For years, Randy only built Nashville Custom Cabinets. He measured, designed, and built every aspect of the cabinets. Starting from the yellow scratchpad, he created some of the most beautiful kitchens you’ve ever seen. Over the years, clients learned to note the trusted name of Holman’s cabinets. Rennie never one time use advertising to build his company. His honest approach to businessman Holman’s cabinets a trusted name for cabinets and the Sparta, Cookeville, Crossville areas. One client would recommend HCC’s to another and so forth. As well as many contractors who came close friends over the years of business.

While Holman’s Nashville Custom Cabinets was mostly a family run business with Randy’s brother-in-law, John working close by his side with him, as well as an uncle and several others who often took part of their business. We can’t forget to mention Maya who has been at HCC for almost 20 years and counting. As years pass, Nick, Randy’s oldest son had grown up in the business, but had very little desire to build cabinets. The group sweeping, sanding forward panels, and running parts the shop. All he hated college in 2001, Nick made the decision to come back and join his dad at the cabin shot. That year, they expanded their small shop to more than doubling its size of shelf space and adding a showroom. For years, there is not a showroom at HCC, nor even a bathroom. We’ve grown a lot since then.

Though Randy is still alive, he does not take part, much, and the day-to-day activities of HCC. He will run and help is needed, or once in a while help and install. He is very humbled and excited to have his three sons work together in a business he founded so many years ago. HCC has three full-time installers who professionally install every day the week. In the shop, our staff a food produce with care the kitchens that have been making clients happy for years. We can handle anything and everything when it comes to custom cabinets no job is too big, or too soft for us to handle.

We look forward to providing you with the absolute best service when it comes to anything at all things custom cabinets. We are always looking for feedback so please for free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can give us a call today at 931-935-8994, or check us out at any time by going to our online website holmanscabinets.com.

Nashville Custom Cabinets

If you’re looking for the best Nashville Custom Cabinets, then HCC is just right for you. Our team is very humbled and excited to get a chance to create, install, and bring your dream custom cabinets to life. Delivering almost 40 years of quality craftsmanship, we have learned a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two. We make sure to stay on budget, on time, no matter what every time. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we will give you $250 cash back! We are confident that you will be more than satisfied when you use us for any and all custom cabinet needs.

The first step when looking for Nashville Custom Cabinets is getting in contact with us. We start you off with a free consultation from our professionals that have more than 40 years of quality woodworking craftsmanship. We also make sure to provide a personalized one-on-one estimate breakdown so you understand exactly what you are getting at exactly what stage. And we decide to book with us, you will get a free design delivered and presented along with a free 3-D rendering and hesitation. And you want to worry about time management, we will make sure to install on time and within budget. You will be 100% satisfied with our customer service and client satisfaction.

Experience the highest rated and most reviews cabinetmaker in Tennessee you when you book with HCC for all Nashville Custom Cabinets needs. We also like to go a little bit above and beyond, so if it’s your first time, but today for a $50 restaurant gift card to help support other local businesses. From the homeowner with a family just like yours, all the way to home builders and contractors, we’re here for you. HCC will work with each client throughout the entire process. Often times, the first meeting at the home has the walls framed, we are able to take accurate dimensions and get an idea of what the layout of the cabinetry and entrances of your home or building will look like. This is just the first step to getting you your perfect custom cabinet.

We also specialize in custom furniture entertainment cabinets. At HCC, if you can dream it up, we can build it. Because of our transition some years ago into the cabin arena, many thought we no longer offered custom cabinetry. HCC has never stopped offering fine quality custom cabinetry, and we don’t think we ever will. We built tables, furniture, armoires, decorative stubs, custom entertainment systems, theater cabinetry, and so much more. We would love to take your custom design and bring it into reality. We can help simplify the entire process and take up the stress from this frustrating process.

To get your project started with a free design an estimate today, call HCC at 931-935-8994. You can also reach out to us at any time by going to our online website holmanscabinets.com recombine all of our services, a full gallery of projects, and so much more information.