We like to go above and beyond to deliver quality customer service for all Nashville Custom Cabinets needs. Because of this, we honor our work. Although we don’t have a specific warranty, if you have service with us your custom cabinets, give us a call anytime if you have any questions or trouble, and we will make a right. Additionally, any factory cabinet may or may not be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. The best thing, HCC will walk you through the entire warranty process, and we will help you when you need it most. Rest assured, with nearly 40 years of experience, we know what we are doing. That’s why we chose the products with the best quality, reputation, and warranty when you need it most!

Coleman’s custom cabinet should be your go to when you’re searching for Nashville Custom Cabinets. We use the highest quality materials and have the best customized options for all of the finishes. And prefab cabinets, their limitations to what a particular company can offer. But, and customs, we are able to do any finishes that you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for paints, stains, destressings, pen glazes, or full brush glazes. No matter what you’re looking for, we have you covered. And to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want, we also provide a free estimate. We will come out to your home and take measurements and get a better understanding of what you are looking for. Then, we will go back and design your kitchen or comment an email that back with an estimate.

You are our top priority when you partner with the best in Nashville Custom Cabinets. At HCC, we want to make your experience with us a positive one. It doesn’t matter if your contractor or homebuilder, it doesn’t matter if even the industry for years or brand-new, we are here to help you. We’re here to provide you with information and answer any and all questions that you may have as our client. By us being able to help you, you are able to help your clients, other contractors, or maybe eating other customers with some of the same questions. We have been around so we know a thing or two. Many people have the same questions, and same concerns as you do. We make sure to break down those questions and give you solid answers each time.

HCC also does not require a minimum order requirement. No project is too big or too small for us to work on. Whether it be one door, or was well cabinet, or vanity, we can get you covered. We also make sure to offer reface for all cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We will be glad to make new doors and drawers fronts, and or reface existing cabinet frames. But, we have often found that it is much cheaper to start fresh with new. Plus, you also get a custom design that will truly fit your current aesthetic.

When it comes to your custom cabinet needs, let HCC take care of you. We are always more than happy to help if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can give us a call today at 931-935-8994, we can check out our online website by going to holmanscabinets.com.

Nashville Custom Cabinets

We build your Nashville Custom Cabinets to suit your needs. Whether it’s completely designed by you, a full custom piece, or some kind of cabin tree for your upscale home, or you just want a small set of custom cabinets, we can take care of your needs. HCC has been serving the cabinetmaking and cabinet installation industry for 40 years. We are family-owned and operated business that excels in service and quality. So many want to just get you out of their way, but our entire team at HCC desires to make your next project a joy to complete.

At the end of the day, Coleman’s Nashville Custom Cabinets desire to have clients that are satisfied and happy with the completed project. Whether it’s one small vanity, or entire home of custom cabinetry, we want our clients not only satisfied, but elated that they chose HCC to work with and not the large company down the road. Holman cabinet is honor to serve you with the next project that you decide to undertake. We would love for you to give us opportunity to serve you!

Our service is second to none when it comes to Nashville Custom Cabinets. We have been providing clients with excellent service for nearly 40 years. Our reputation is one that we are proud of. We been putting our money where our mouth is for nearly 40 years and we are not going to stop now. Our main difference from the other guys is our customer service. We truly go the extra mile for each and every one of our clients. If you haven’t been paying attention, from start to finish, HCC has you in mind. We take customer service to the next level for the first initial consultation.

People often ask what do they need to do to first get a quote on their new project. We deftly don’t have to engineer specific plans, we can just start with a talk. We will walk through each room with you and build an ideal list of what you arty have in mind and help you determine what best suits your needs. We then will draw the design based on your information and get you a quote. Our quote will include the cabinet, hardware, crown molding, and insulation. We are here to make this entire process is simple and hassle free as possible. And you don’t have to worry about what kind of project you’re working on. We can build custom commercial cabinets to see your needs, we can also do multifamily housing and apartment complexes. Not to mention medical and dental facilities, and etc. etc. Whether they be frameless, full access cabin tree, ADA compliant, and everything in between. We have you covered.

We are always more than happy to answer any comments, questions, or concerns you may have. Just give us a call today at 931-935-8994. You can also check out our online website where you can find a full list of services, a full gallery up, and so much more by going to holmanscabinets.com. We were about to start working with you and taking care of all of your custom-designed needs and more plus, we can guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our service, and client satisfaction.